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"Therapy was very helpful. The staff is good. Jo is a very good therapist and like Jo says "it's a piece of cake"."
Jan 23, 2018
"The Staff at the Bloomfield Office is very caring and friendly. They care about the patient progress. Thanks for taking care of me. "
Dec 28, 2017
"Job well done. Very cooperative and respectful"
May 23, 2017
"The facility helped me in every improvement. Having personal service from therapist. I will highly recommend this facility."
May 03, 2017
"Joe the physical therapist is excellent and very smart; helped me so much. I feel so much better. Staff is always friendly and polite. Can't say enough good things."
Dec 23, 2016
"Joe the PT is excellent, very smart. Helped me so much, I feel so much better. The staff is always friendly and polite. Can't say enough good things."
Dec 01, 2016
"I recommend Joe to everyone that needs physical therapy. He has helped me with all that I went for. He goes beyond his job as P.T. and other patients have said the same. As for myself, I went to other physical therapists and they did not fix the problem but Joe did. God bless him."
Jul 21, 2016
"Very accommodating and helpful."
Jul 13, 2016
"I have been receiving therapy post back surgery for several months and I feel much stronger then when I first started. The therapist is highly knowledgeable about my injury and rehab therapy and still is very friendly and respectful."
Jun 20, 2016
"Pleasure to go there, Joe is a very good therapist."
Jun 16, 2016
"Bergenfield physical therapy is so excellent you can't even describe it! One reason is, that they do what they are supposed to do. Another reason that they are a great physical therapy is that Dr. Joe always comes up with great solutions to help his patients. Last, the staff always makes sure the patients are safe."
Jun 13, 2016
"I am happy with the treatment of Dr. Joe. Satisfied with my problem on my foot. Everyone is nice and helpful."
Jun 13, 2016


On August the 30th I hurt my back at work. I left and went home and from there I went to the hospital. I was in so much pain. I did not know what to think. I could not walk or turn over or sit up. It was so bad. I just knew there was no help for me at all. At the hospital I was given pain pills to help release the pain. It only eased the pain a little. So I went to the doctor and right away he said I had a herniated disc and I need surgery right away and that I would have no more pain if I had the surgery. I cried every day. I had nothing but pain. I asked if there was any other way to relieve the pain and he told me that I could do therapy but I was going to have the surgery because it’s guarantee than the therapy would help me so I wanted to try the therapy. I was sent to a place in Bloomfield called Bergenfield Physical Therapy and Pain Management. And that’s where I met Dr. Joe. I thought there was no help for me but this doctor was a very good doctor. He explained my case to me. He worked with me each day. He took up time with me and explained more than 3 times a day about my pain. Dr. Joe is a very dedicated person to his patients. He works hard and he encourages his patients and let them know that therapy can work. You just have to keep up with it and everything will be ok. Thanks to Dr. Joe and his healing hands. I don’t know what I would do if it had not been for him. Thank you again Dr. Joe.

Linda Rutledge

When I first came to see Joe, I was in an unbearable amount of pain, I could barely lift my arm to my shoulder level, I had no mobility in my neck and was told by a neurosurgeon that I was 100% guaranteed to have surgery. I was diagnosed with a large herniated disc in the cervical area and scheduled for a procedure called cervical discectomy and fusion.

Joe started working with me and from the very beginning I was impressed with his dedication and personalized care for his patients. With lots of patience, perseverance, and hours and hours of therapy, the results started showing. Today I am not only pain free, but I can do things that I wasn’t able to do even before my injury.

I believe that if it wasn’t for Joe’s passion for what he does and the hard work he encouraged me to put in, today I would probably have been operated on and have to live with limited functionality of the injured area. I would like to thank Joe and his staff for helping me get through this and for giving me back the quality of a pain free life.

Thank you.”

Claudia Marton

“Bergenfield Physical Therapy Center is the best place to have your physical therapy treatment done. The atmosphere is relaxing. The treatment and care is super. The Therapist himself is excellent. He has magic hands that when he performed manual therapy on the area where the pain was, the pain was gone. That is how good he is.”

Mila A., BSN, RN

“Great experience, great results, one to one care, I recommend Bergenfield Physical Therapy, come see for yourself.”

Zelma E.